Dr Susmit Sarkar

  • SGA Director

Dr Sandy Brownlee, University of Stirling

  • Academic Chair

Steven Kendrick

  • SICSA Executive Officer

Aileen Orr

  • SICSA Executive Assistant

Dr Mike Crabb, University of Dundee

  • Poster Lead

Ana Ciocarlan, University of Aberdeen

  • Workshop Coordinator – “Find Your Spark: Productivity, Creativity and Writing”
  • Communication Chair

Craig W. Docherty, University of Stirling

  • Social Activities and Local Chair
  • Communications Assistant
  • Workshop Coordinator – “Communicating Your Research and Public Engagement”

Mila Goranova, University of Stirling

  • Communication Lead
  • Social Activities Chair

Hanan Hindy, Abertay University

  • Poster Chair


Maria Insa-Iglesias, Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Workshop Coordinator – “There is a First Time For Journals, Conferences, and Reviews”
  • Keynote Chair

Waqas Javed, Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Workshop Coordinator – “Poster Communication and Design”
  • Poster Chair

Jacob K├Ânig, Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Workshop Coordinator – “How to Master Getting the Job You Want After Finishing Your PhD”
  • Poster Chair

Sofiat Olaosebikan, University of Glasgow

  • Workshop Coordinator – “Caring for Your Mental Health and Wellbeing”
  • Keynote Chair

Pireh Pirzada, University of St Andrews

  • Workshop Coordinator – “Kick Start Your PhD: A Practical Approach to Starting Your Research Journey”

Ladan Safiee, University of Dundee

  • Workshop Coordinator – “Solving Problems and Making Friends Using Design Sprints”
  • Poster Chair

Zezhong Wang, University of Edinburgh

  • Poster Chair